Daniyal Hassan loved music since childhood, influenced by John Petrucci Dream Theater , Iron Maiden and few more. He joined NAPA A Music Institute to explore more about music and different types of genre’s his majors were still Guitars. Later on Daniyal decided to explore more of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and was happy to make a shift from Rock music to Dance Music. He Graduated in music from N.A.P.A in 2012 . He started recording his mixes and was learning production and mastering at the same time. After being invited to many radio shows as a guest he got his own show on digitally imported radio called The Amulet with his friend co host Eslam Elrayes from Egypt. Later he got his new show (Loop’D) which got more attention from his fans worldwide he got various djs on his show as guests the most famous ones are Matan Caspi , Christian Monique , Manu Riga and many more, every month he has two shows on Di.Fm the djmixes channel. Now he’s more focused on producing his own tracks, will be released on various labels. He’s mastered the crafts of sound creation, experimentation, and electronic exploration. He’s spent years honing these skills, and now, he’s filtering years of experience . His Main Genres include Progressive House , Tech House. Deep House , he likes other genres like Electro , Minimal Techno and many more. Has Remixed a few tracks by Chemical Brothers and more and now playing gigs and at various clubs in Dubai and Thailand. Loves traveling and exploring new places and meet new people.